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Reference Book: "The Annals Of The American Pulpit"

Sprague, William B., DD. The Annals Of The American Pulpit.1857.

Library of Congress:

Call Number: BR569 .S72

Author: Sprague, William Buell, 1795-1876.

Title: Annals of the American pulpit.

Edition: [Reprint ed.]

Published: New York, Arno Press, 1969.

Description: 9 v. ports. 24 cm.

Subject: Clergy--United States.

Series: Religion in America

Notes: The volumes for each denomination were originally issued separately, with special t.p.

Contents: v. 1-2. Trinitarian Congregational. 1866. v. 3-4. Presbyterian. 1868. v. 5. Episcopalian. 1861. v. 6. Baptist. 1865. v. 7. Methodist. 1865. v. 8. Unitarian Congregational. 1865. v. 9. Lutheran, Reformed Dutch, Associate, Associate Reformed, Reformed Presbyterian. 1869.

LCCN Number: 75-83442

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