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This organization was founded in 1989 in Barnstable, Massachusetts, the home of Rev. John Lothropp. Our membership includes descendants of Rev. John Lothropp and Mark Lothrop. (See the Keynote Address of the 1989 Lothropp Family Foundation Reunion for an overview of the life and descendants of the Rev. John Lothropp.)

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in contact with over 1000 descendants throughout the world.

As a tax exempt organization, we are certified to make grants to qualifying organizations for Historic Preservation under 501(c)(3) of the IRS.

We hold a national reunion every two years in various parts of the country. News of upcoming reunions is included in the newsletter.


The Foundation holds a national reunion every two years in different areas of the country. There are several regional meetings held by local organizations.

Aims and Objectives

The Foundation by-laws list the following objectives:

To preserve and memorialize the historical events in the lives of Rev. John Lothropp and Mark Lothrop and their descendants.

To award grants to organizations for the restoration and preservation of historic buildings and sites, preferably built before 1800. These gifts will be given to organizations that are tax exempt under 501(c)(3).

To award grants for educational purposes as defined under 501(c)(3) to organizations or individuals for the purpose of researching and establishing a written historical public record or educational presentation regarding the lives, customs, accomplishments and communities of 17th century American colonists and their descendants prior to 1945.

To provide a source for Lo/Lathrop descendants or interested persons to establish communication with each other or with local Lo/Lathrop Associations; to strengthen such contacts through national biennial reunions and through newsletters relevant to activities of the organization.

Some members are working on an update of the Lo/Lathrop Genealogy by E.B. Huntington, published in 1884. This update is to include female descendants. When published, the update will be available to descendants, and to the Sturgis and Mormon Libraries for their genealogical collections.

Tracing our roots and learning about our ancestors provides perspective and depth to our lives in the present as described in the poem All In The Family by Eben W. Keyes II.


A newsletter is published three times a year to keep members informed of our organization and in touch with each other.

We include a Search And Discover column for those who have questions about their lineage. We feature a Milestones column where we recognize birthdays over 90 and anniversaries over 50, as well as significant accomplishments by our members. The use of these columns as well as the letter is free to all members.


Membership is for one calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st, at a cost of $25, and is open to:

  • Descendants of Rev. John Lothropp and Mark Lothrop
  • Any spouse or person with the surname of Lothrop or Lathrop or any recognizable variant of such names and their descendants or
  • Anyone interested in the Lo/Lathrop family or American history.


Voting rights and the right to participate in Foundation activities are restricted to dues-paying members only.

Voting rights and the right to participate in Foundation activities are restricted to dues-paying members only.